Book Review: Breakout

My Rating: ⭐️⭐️⭐️1/2

Author: A.M. Rose

Format: E-book

Pages: 400

Publication Date: June 3, 2019

Categories: Young Adult, Sci-Fi, A.I., Technology, Dystopia

Disclaimer: **I received this book free from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review. All thoughts and opinions are my own.**

Book Blurb:

Six days. 

That’s the amount of time until Lezah’s execution. 

She’ll die never knowing what got her locked up in this godforsaken prison in the first place. Her only chance of survival is to escape. Except the monitoring bracelet that digs into her wrist, the roaming AI, and the implant in her neck make freedom close to impossible. 

Her best chance is to team up with the four other inmates who are determined to break out, even if one of them is beyond (gorgeous) annoying—oh, and in for murder. But he has a secret of his own. One that could break Lezah if she finds out, but could also set him free. 

Figuring out how to work with him and the rest of this mismatched group of criminals is the only way Lezah will survive to see the outside world again. 

But nothing in this prison is as it seems. And no one.


Thank you to Entangled Publishing and NetGalley for this opportunity to read this free e-arc for an honest review.

First off, I was attracted to this cover. It looks menacing with that huge spider and the book blurb sounded mysterious so I was curious enough to request this book.

Lezah is in prison but she can’t remember why she’s in there. In this prison there are A.I. robots: WALTERs (WALKing compuTERs) that resemble humans and AIRS which are security guard robots. And everyone has a SOUL – it’s a device that is a phone, computer, appearance alternator, and money. Hmmm…how does all that work?! 😮 Seriously an appearance alternator would benefit me daily. 😂 Well I can’t say everyone has one, Lezah and the other kids in prison do not have a SOUL, it’s taken away from them. All prisoners have a bracelet attached to their wrist that zaps them and basically it’s a horrible place to be. With Lezah’s execution coming up, she needs to breakout.

The story is told in first person through Lezah. There is a lot of action and it is non-stop. This whole book is full of tension and it is fast-paced. It’s some parts creepy, but plenty parts exciting. It kept me guessing and left me with a few questions.

The world building is different and fascinating. It is set in a futuristic dystopian United States where climate change damaged coastlines and left them with fewer resources than before. A.I. is everywhere and the technology aspects were very detailed. So much detail that some of the explanations went over my head.

Lezah’s meets different companions on her way out of this prison and they add to the story in different ways. For one, it’s hard to know who to trust and everyone she encounters has a story tied to Lezah. There is a tiny bit of a romance, but nothing that takes over the story. Everything starts to piece together in the end but there are still loose ends to tie up by the time the story is over.

This was an interesting, fast-paced, young adult sci-fi novel with lots of twists and turns. I think sci-fi lovers would enjoy this better than I did but overall it was a fascinating story.

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