Top Ten Tuesday: Auto-Buy Authors

This Top Ten Tuesday topic is Auto-Buy Authors. Let’s see if I can come up with ten authors. I say that because I downsized a lot when I moved years ago, and stopped buying books! I mostly borrowed from the library and then couldn’t wait for new releases to show up in the catalog so I bought ebooks. But I’m back to buying physical books again. Yay! 💃🏻

Sarah J. Maas – I can honestly say I wasn’t totally on board when I read Throne of Glass. But I kept up with the series because I thought Celaena was a cool character. It got better with each book. It kind of lost me again at the last book, but I think by then I was just way more invested in the A Court of Thorn and Roses series. That’s when she became an auto-buy author for me. I look forward to her new series, Crescent City and can we also get a Cassian/Nesta spin off, please?

Holly Black – I love faerie stories and who kicked off my love for them? Why Ms. Holly Black herself. When I read Tithe, I was so intrigued, I devoured all Fae stories from then on out. I never read her middle grade books, but everything else of Holly’s I’ve read and loved. And she’s in top form with there The Folk of the Air Series with Jude and Cardan. Absolute auto-buy.

Lisa Kleypas – my first love will always be romance novels. And after my favorite Judith McNaught stopped writing them there was a huge void to fill. Then I stumbled upon Lisa Kleypas. I absolutely love her historical romance novels. Her contemporary ones aren’t on the same level, but if it’s a historical romance, it’s an auto-buy for sure.

Sarah MacLean – And when Lisa Kleypas started writing contemporary, I needed someone to fill the hole for historical romance and I tried a few. Many were misses, but one lady hit it – Sarah MacLean. Her books are passionate and fun, fun, FUN. Absolute auto-buy.

Jenny Han – I’m sure I’ve loved all her novels since the Summer series and can we talk about the aesthetic of her book covers? So pretty. Okay I didn’t love the Summer series as much as my best friend did, but I liked the story-telling, the whole two brothers in love with the same girl theme is not for me. Obviously my fave will be To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before because, Lara Jean and Peter K!

Sarah Dessen – Sarah Dessen was a staple for me in my college years. I was going through a lot of changes and there is something special about Sarah Dessen books. I can relate to her stories so well. They are about complicated families, and complicated feelings usually. She’s still an auto-buy after all these years.

Jenn Bennett – I stumbled upon Jenn Bennet because of the cover of Alex, Approximately, which I adored. I love the dialogue between her characters. I’ve read four books of hers now and I think it’s time to add her on my auto-buy list.

Karen Marie Morning – speaking of historical romances. Karen Marie Morning wrote this highlander books before her Fever Series and I loved it. Love her alpha male Highlanders who could wield druid magic and travel time. And then she wrote Darkfever and that was it – she’s been an auto-buy author for a long while now.

Christi Caldwell – another historical romance author that I stumbled on but this time with a Kindle Unlimited account where I could devour most of her books. And she has a lot. Christi Caldwell never seems to stop writing it seems. I love most of her books, though some fell flat for me too, but I’ve enjoyed her Wicked Wallflower series a lot. So she’s an automatic read for me on my Kindle Unlimited account.

Kristin Hannah – I read The Nightingale when it first published then devoured all her books. She is one of my favorite authors. I have yet to read The Great Alone and I will excuse that because I had a year old baby when it published and my mother-in-law told me it was a bit heavy and dark. But I will read it soon!

Who’s on your auto-buy author list? Let me know in the comments below – I’d love to hear from you!

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