Book Review | The Echoing Green and Other Stories

My Rating: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Title: The Echoing Green and Other Stories

Author: David Jordan

Format: eBook (provided by author for an honest review)

Pages: 113

Categories: Short Stories, Irish Mythology, Adult Fiction

Disclaimer: **I received this book free from the author in exchange for an honest review.  All thoughts and opinions are my own.**

From a quest to find the Starbucks mermaid, to a god’s dream of saving the planet, this collection of short stories has an abundance of imagination as well as ingenuity and style. In serene and sparkling prose, David Jordan will introduce you to places and people that you have never encountered before, with a unique voice and vision that will satisfy story lovers everywhere.

Thank you to David Jordan, for providing me a copy of his new book, The Echoing Green and Other Stories.

I don’t read or feature many short story collections on my blog but I am always open to reading works by indie authors. And who would have thought that this book, The Echoing Green and Other Stories would pique my growing interest in Irish mythology. I’ve read a few books set in Ireland and featured Irish mythology lately, so what a coincidence that these short stories fit in with what I’ve been reading lately.

In this short story collection the stories are contemporary yet mixed with fantasy, psychology and mythology elements. In whole it felt like I was I was sucked into a dreamscape atmosphere, which I enjoyed!

  • The infusion of Irish mythology in a modern day setting is fantastic because I’m from somewhere so far away from Ireland, I don’t know a lot about Irish mythology. In this collection I learned new words and names like Fomorian and Goibhniu. I definitely googled a few of these names and words. I did recognize a few names so I wasn’t totally lost.
  • The writing is wonderful, it drew me in right away. I got a sense of the setting, and the characters which just a few lines.
  • My favorites of the collection are The Echoing Green and Dreamer’s Eve because it’s fluid and strange like how real dreams are. I mean, searching for the Starbucks mermaid? It’s clever and why not? I’m always searching for the Starbucks mermaid myself, almost daily haha! Gods and Monsters was another story I enjoyed for it’s psychological twist.
  • Nothing really…maybe that a few of these would make really good full stories? 🙂

The Echoing Green and Other Stories is a really quick read as it’s just only a little over hundred pages. I enjoyed the Irish mythology that is infused in the contemporary settings of each story. Overall this is a wonderful, creative collection of short stories and I’m glad I had a chance to read it. If you like short stories and mythology, definitely get a copy of this book!

Get your eBook copy here: Amazon

Get your hardcover copy here: Shadow of the Glen

Author Bio: David Jordan lives in Cork Ireland, where he was born and bred. He has an MA in English. He loves music, coffee and peace. 

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