Top 5 Saturday: Books with a Survival Theme

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  • Share your top 5 books of the current topic– these can be books that you want to read, have read and loved, have read and hated, you can do it any way you want.
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Day Zero is a book I’m actually trying to finish this NetGalley arc right now. It takes place in the era of a New Recession and so far there are characters on the run after some doomsday events take place. This book comes out on November 12, 2019.

The Bear is also a NetGalley arc I reviewed a month or so ago and it is a story of two people surviving on Earth after some apocalyptic event. This title will be released on February 11, 2020.

The Nightingale is an amazing story by Kristin Hannah about two sisters in France who survive Nazi occupation in different ways.

I mean talk about a survival story, try surviving a grace year in The Grace Year! 😫

And then of course I can’t forget to put this on the list. Surviving The Hunger Games, let’s be honest I’d have been out in the first round.

And that’s all I got for today! I’m trying to catch up on reading because I have been slacking on my posts. 😩 So here’s to a great reading weekend! Happy reading everyone!

7 thoughts on “Top 5 Saturday: Books with a Survival Theme

  1. I’m really keen to read The Grace Year and The Nightingale. I’ve heard so many great things about Hannah’s writing. Don’t worry about your reading speed and posts… things get busy! I have to admit I wouldn’t have even noticed that they were ‘slacking’ as you say? They’re great and ones I always go our of my way to read because I enjoy them! πŸ˜€ Jen

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