Unboxing | OwlCrate | November Box 2019

Another OwlCrate box but this time it is their monthly subscription box. Today I’m unboxing the November box.

Such a beautiful wood…bookmark or ornament? Well it’s an ornament now because my daughter added to our tree! 😂 I love the details on it.

Okay THIS is definitely a bookmark, a metal one with all this beautiful purple and black design. So pretty!

Another gorgeous collector’s pin. Lovely!

Super cute stickers I was going to use in the reading planner…but my daughter only took a few of them haha. I love the color palette!

My first reading planner and it’s so pretty! I love how you can start with any month and it has a section on the weekly pages where you can note down how many pages your read that day…but I never keep track of that. But cool if you do! I love the Book Reviews pages where you can write mini-reviews, that could definitely help me keep track of books I need to review. It also has a section for Favorite Quotes! Yay, I want to start collecting quotes but I get lazy about it. So hopefully this will help me. There is a Book Wishlist page and a Monthly TBR as well. I’m so excited to try this out!

They fit this blanket into that small box!! Like…what? I am so impressed with whoever packs their boxes. I need to take lessons. But the colors and design on this is gorgeous, and it’s only of my favorite fandoms so I am in love with it. My kids love it too because it’s soft and they kept rolling on top of it haha.

And the book!!! It’s gorgeous but I think I like the original black cover I’ve seen. This one is pretty too but I love a black background for anything thing with moons and stars. This edition is signed and I look forward to finally reading this book!

I love this box just for the book, blanket and reading planner alone. I don’t have another OwlCrate box coming after this because I went overboard on boxes for November. I am still waiting on The Bookish Box crate and Shelflove Crate. I hope we get some exciting book choices for 2020 because I have to say OwlCrate is hands down my favorite book crate subscription. They are good with communicating on their instagram account about box updates and reveals. Their boxes ship on time and gets to me quick! I love everything so far about their company.

I hope you enjoy these unboxing and stay tuned for more to come!


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