Unboxing | LitJoy Crate | December 2019 Box

Here we have my final unboxing for this year and it is from LitJoy Crate. The theme was called Lost in Austen and since I love Jane Austen, I knew I had to get it.

Here’s a very cute tray! I love the design with the book spines showing us the titles of Jane Austen books. 😍

This is such a beautiful teacup with the matching plate. Unfortunately and it was bound to happen, the teacup came broken. But it’s totally okay because I emailed LitJoy Crate right away and then took care of the situation and I’m awaiting a brand new cup in the mail. Hopefully it ships intact!

And check out these cozy, soft socks! They say “Talk Darcy to Me”. 😂 I absolutely love it.

And here are some wax seal stickers which I don’t know if I’d use since I don’t write letters anymore. But we shall see maybe I’ll write someone a letter just to use these stickers. 😅

I have calendars all over my house, so I’ll find a place for this somewhere on my…messy…desk. Or maybe it can find a home on my bookshelf. It’s a desk calendar with quotes by authors. I love it!

More cards for the LitJoy Crate collection. These cards are always so well done – they have great detail.

This is the book! Look at the color of that cover – I love it!

And look at the inside of the dust jacket. Just gorgeous!

And that was the box (minus the teacup in the photo because I couldn’t hold it together while photographing). It was a lovely box and I look forward to reading the book.

So…I said this was my last unboxing BUT…I have been waiting – FOREVER – for my box from ShelfLove Crate. I wanted to try it, saw a book I liked they were doing for the November box and wow…nothing yet. I’ve been following their ig account and it looks like they’ve had lots of problems with shipment this month. Sad. Oh well supposedly all November boxes will ship this week? If I get it next week then THAT will be my last unboxing of the year.


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