Top Ten Tuesday | 3/10/20

Top Ten Tuesday was created by The Broke and the Bookish in June of 2010 and was moved to That Artsy Reader Girl in January of 2018. It was born of a love of lists, a love of books, and a desire to bring bookish friends together. Please check out her website for more TTT topics!

This week’s topic is:

Authors Who Have a Fun Social Media Presence

Here are some of the authors I follow on Instagram or Twitter:

Danielle L. Jensen – @danielleljensen (ig)

I love her books and I follow her because that way I can get updates on her upcoming books plus she has beautiful photos on ig.

Beth Revis – @bethrevis (ig)

If you are an aspiring writer, Beth’s ig account always has tips and motivational posts which is awesome. For me, I just like knowing the process that an author goes through and it’s always inspirational to hear words of encouragement (no I’m not writing a book haha).

Kristin Jacques – @krazydiamond_writes (ig)

I loved this book of hers and I follow her to get news about the sequel or giveaways!

Rin Chupeco – @rinchupeco (ig)

I love Rin’s account because she not only posts book news but personal stuff too like what she’s eating haha or her cats. Love that she gives us a glimpse into her normal life and her quirky personality. ☺️

Mary E. Pearson – @maryepearson (ig)

I love her books so I need to stay up to date on her book news! Also at times she posts author process videos in her stories, which is cool. I love getting insight into the hard work that authors put into their work. Writing is not easy and I appreciate the creative minds of authors.

Tahereh Mafi -@tahereh (ig)

Tahereh Mafi might be the first author I followed on social media because at the time I was obsessed with the Shatter Me series, most specifically obsessed with Warner haha. But Tahereh is so artistic with her photos and her sense of fashion. And then when she got married and had a child, her photos are the sweetest, so her ig account is a lovely blend of books, fashion and family life – which is awesome.

Holly Black – @hollyblack (twitter)

Because I was so obsessed with this series, I had to follow Holly and get news about the books. But I found other great content on her account like links to articles and interview she’s done. And have you seen photos of her writing office? Amazing.

Jenn Bennett – @Jenn_Bennett (twitter)

Another author I follow for news of upcoming books or giveaways but her twitter account is pretty interesting and funny. She always post random thoughts and I so relate with random thoughts. 😅 Also she’s an artist as well! So many authors are artists, which is very cool.

Sarah J. Maas – @SJMaas (twitter)

Because I am obsessed with her books? LOL…of course I need to follow her for all the book news. She also used to post some awesome pics on ig about her vacation spots and home. Now she’s a mom and she posts some baby pics but very rarely, which is fine, I’m there for the book news mostly.

Maggie Stiefvater – @mstiefvater (twitter)

Maggie is another artist/author and her art work is amazing! And have you seen the cars she drives? Again, I love seeing authors and their personalities shine through not only through their writing but in their everyday lives and other hobbies.

Who did you have on your list? I’d love to know – leave me a comment below!

4 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday | 3/10/20

  1. I’m obsessed with Maas too and I wish she would post on social media more often. I am subscribed to her newsletter so I keep up to date that way.

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