Monthly Wrap Up | March 2020

I almost forgot to do a monthly wrap up for March! I want to forget about March altogether. It’s been the most anxiety filled, stressful month ever and April might be worse. All the news about the coronavirus is messing with my ability to concentrate on a book. I have so many books piling up on my nightstand, they do not hold my interest right now. 😞 It’s frustrating but I’m trying not to force anything. If I don’t want to read it, I put it aside and pick up another. I have a lot of books haha – maybe I need a book cleanse and not read for a good week. What will keep me occupied? Probably the new Animal Crossing game on the Nintendo Switch that I’ve been playing ~ plus home schooling my son takes up more than half the day.

Another thing I forgot because of everything going on? My one year anniversary for my blog! Yup, my first post was on March 13, 2019!! Oh how time flew by and how much has changed in one year exactly. I was bored and starting a blog last year, and today I’m worrying about my loved ones, friends, strangers – everyone in the world and pray, pray, pray for a vaccine or anti-viral to help with this deadly virus.

But thank you so much to my followers who stuck through with me as I find my way in this book review blogging world. It’s been fun meeting so many bloggers and book lovers out there. I’m grateful to all of you!

Anyway let’s see what I read in March 2020:

The next titles I had read months ago but reviews were posted in March 2020:

I think I did pretty good and read more than I expected. Let’s see if how I do in April. At least I can somewhat escape the news of the day with a book, even if I don’t finish it – I just keep trying to find one that will take my mind off current events for awhile. Stay safe everyone and stay healthy. Positive vibes to you all!

4 thoughts on “Monthly Wrap Up | March 2020

    • The Honey Don’t List is my first Christina Lauren book and I enjoyed it though at first I thought I was reading a murder mystery! lol…rated it 4 stars, it’s drama filled! Always, Never, Yours was cute but kinda just okay for me – gave it 3 stars.


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