Update: Hurricane Douglas Watch

Aloha friends!

So our islands are under a hurricane watch – we have them almost every year so I think everyone on the island is usually prepared with the supplies. It makes it more challenging this year because of COVID. Speaking of the virus, during lockdown in March-May we got our numbers flattened. I mean we got it seriously flatlined. As we opened up late May and into June, numbers started to rise, but this week…it’s been the highest daily cases. 50-70+ cases the past 3 days. And school is supposed to reopen in one week. They are rethinking doing that and as a parent, I don’t feel safe for the staff (teachers, etc…), and now I don’t feel safe to send my child even though it was only for 2 days a week.

I feel like the hurricane, covid numbers rising and school reopening has been a triple whammy – talk about anxiety. But I know I can’t control a hurricane, and I can’t control the virus. I do know I can make my family and I prepared for a hurricane and prepared to prevent catching the virus as best we can. πŸ€·πŸ»β€β™€οΈ

To relieve my anxiety I’ve been crafting – if you want to check out the 40% off sale I have on my Etsy shop click this link: Fanciful Wish – unfortunately I’m only shipping in the USA right now. Making resin crafts has really given me an outlet to dealing with my anxiety.

Of course I read as much as I can – do any of you find yourselves not able to read when your anxiety is high? I actually have to be in a certain mood to read these days. I have a TBR list that’s growing!

Cooking? I was not making bread during lockdown like everyone else because hello…there was no yeast to be found, anywhere!! Haha…I have learned to make more veggie dishes for myself though so that’s a win.

Music – because I craft a lot, I listen to music constantly and my playlists have consisted of:

  • BLACKPINK: because for some reason when I’m making kawaii resin items, it gets me in the mood for colorful things haha! It’s the only kpop I listen to.
  • Chromatica – Lady Gaga: because her music is so upbeat and energetic! And I was doing spaceship/alien themed resin pieces (like the photo above) and it just worked.
  • Hamilton Soundtrack – after watching Hamilton on Disney+….the soundtrack was on repeat for days in my house. I especially love when Eliza and Angelica sing, UGH…so good! Anyway, it was like listening to an audiobook that I could follow because it was music. I don’t follow audiobooks AT ALL. But the Hamilton Soundtrack works for me.
  • Folklore by Taylor Swift – just recently released and the story lover in me is obsessed with the song Exile and My Tears Ricochet! All her songs remind me of young adult contemporary novels and it’s such a more relaxed vibe than her usual pop songs that it’s perfect for when I’m crafting.

And when I need to watch something I turn on Netflix! This is what I watched this week while blogging or crafting:

  • Cursed – I borrowed the book and never had a chance to read it so yay for it being on Netflix! I wish they would make every ya book into a tv show or movie haha because visually, they all look amazing. Now Cursed…is violent, I didn’t realize how bloody it would be! So far I think it was pretty good, some parts I wanted it to hurry along but it makes me want to watch season 2.
  • Indian Matchmaker – because I’m always curious how different cultures see marriage and dating! This was fascinating.
  • Kissing Booth 2 – Kissing Booth the first movie was okay but I think I like this second one better because another hot guy is added to the cast! Just kidding! I didn’t think much of “Noah” in the first movie, but honestly after watching the same actor in HBO’s Euphoria, I became a fan. Anyway, it let me escape the real world for an hour or so which is what I need these days.

That’s my update and yes, typing this out is always helping me not think of the hurricane that is 24 hours away from “hitting” us. The waiting sucks haha so just gotta stay positive and busy.

Can you recommend any other Netflix shows for me to watch? Stay safe out there everyone!

7 thoughts on “Update: Hurricane Douglas Watch

    1. Thanks Emer! These islands are blessed I tell you, the hurricane maintained a category 1 strength yet stayed off shore by 20-30 miles! It was so close as we waited all day to see if it would hit us directly or move…it hovered above us and passed by. It was tense day but we are SAFE. That’s the motto of this year, staying safe.

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      1. I’m glad to hear. It sounds very frightening. Here in Ireland I’ve only ever experienced an ex-hurricane and that was nerve wrecking and left an awful lot of damage and sadly claimed lives. I’m amazed by how you have adapted to cope with such terrible natural events. β€οΈπŸ’œ

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    1. Thank you, the hurricane stayed 30 miles off shore and cruised on by! It was crazy close…I think right after we got the all clear, I had the urge to read so many books because my anxiety lifted haha. It’s been a crazy year!


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