Aloha Saturday | 11/7/20

What a week everyone! I am mentally exhausted my body so tight from anxiety. It was election day on Tuesday, I barely slept that night refreshing my twitter account to see election numbers. Then my birthday was on Wednesday which I spent tired and glued to the television to see if we had a winner. We didn’t. I spent Thursday having had more sleep at least and watching more results come in and wow….at one point I didn’t know it was Friday, hence why I had no Aloha Friday post! πŸ€¦πŸ»β€β™€οΈ This election was traumatizing!

I did not read ANYTHING this week – I was doing math in my head all week and dreaming numbers because of the election. I have never watched so much news and done so much math in my life!

Then I woke up today, Saturday morning with the election finally called. And today my family was coming over to have a belated birthday lunch for me so it was the PERFECT time to call the election!! I cheered and danced, we had cookies, cake, I had my favorite coffee drink and here I am just waiting to watch Biden and Harris speak. πŸ’™ It is historic, I feel relief, I feel like I need a massage…and yes – we shall see what happens this week. But at least I won’t be glued to the tv for 72 hours. 😩 Please no more tv and news after this. My brain is fried. Haha…

Hopefully I can get back to reading, but I seriously feel like I need another week to decompress. But whew…how was your week? lol…

Love to you all, stay safe!

πŸ’• ~ Yolanda

2 thoughts on “Aloha Saturday | 11/7/20

  1. Happy belated Birthday! Sounds like the perfect day of celebration especially with the outcome of the elections. I think a lot of people globally (myself included) can relate to how tense the elections were and how glued we were to our devices to make sure we didn’t miss the announcement. Hope all continues to go smoothly with the outcome! Have a fabulous week ahead, Yolanda πŸ™‚

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