Aloha Friday

Aloha Friday | Updates | 4/16/21

Hello fellow book lovers and anyone else stumbling upon my blog. I hope you all had a very good week! I just wanted to do one of these since it’s been awhile. Life has been BUSY. Let’s talk about books first:

Newly Acquired Books:

NetGalley ~

Overdrive Library ~

I really need to read these borrowed books before they expire!


  • Our puppy Atlas is now 5 months old, he has lost most of his baby teeth and grew in his adult chompers! I’m glad that he is now such a cuddler (he loves the kids and plops his little but heavy booty on them at any chance). His puppy energy has calmed down (mostly) and he is 95% potty trained haha! He is a bit wild when my dad, mom, nephews come over – he loves them WAY too much, mostly my dad. Walking him on a leash on the sidewalk is the challenge – he always wants to turn back to go home, or he will sit in the middle of the sidewalk and not budge. We are working on that! 🐶
  • House renovation – my dad is a semi-retired construction worker, his older brother owned a family business and they built houses etc…but they are all in their late 60’s and early 70’s, it’s taken a toll on their bodies so he’s slowed down on working. Anyway, my hubby and I opted for carpet when we bought this house 7 years ago since our kids were little, but now my youngest is 4 and my dad has no jobs to do at the moment so my mom told me he could get a few of his co-workers and do my floor. 💁🏻‍♀️ I honestly thought we were in the planning stages and would do it, I don’t know, in the summer? But nope, 2 weeks ago they told me go to Home Depot, pick out what floor I wanted (the pressure!) and the following week, I was moving stuff from my living room. It was tiring, my body was in pain from heavy lifting but it took them 2 days to complete it. The dog barked a lot, there was a lot of dust we had to clean afterwards and the kids were stuck upstairs but now we have vinyl flooring downstairs. Well, few days ago my mom said my dad will resume next week to complete the upstairs. Haha…I have more stuff to move around up here, so I started the moment she called me. Little by little…it gives me a chance to toss out/donate things we don’t need anymore too though. My body still hurts though so I’m getting a massage today before I do very heavy lifting/moving on Monday.
  • My son is in hybrid schooling and will be done in 6 weeks! I can’t believe it…he’ll be 3rd grade this year.
  • Vaccines open up to 16+ on Monday, FINALLY! So I will be scouring this island for appointments. Most of my friends and family that work or met the requirements already got their vaccine and I’ve been waiting so patiently. I’m excited to finally get a chance to get mine.

That’s all I got, I hope you all have a wonderful weekend! Happy reading and stay safe.

😘 ~ Yolanda

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