Mom of Gamers | Outside of Books | 6/28/21

Are you a gamer?

I’ll tell you what I play currently – Animal Crossing Pocket Camp, My Singing Monsters and rarely now, Animal Crossing New Horizons.

Animal Crossing New Horizons was something I bought during 2020 when the pandemic was ramping up. Those were long, anxiety filled days and I played Animal Crossing on my son’s Nintendo Switch until my husband got me a Switch Lite for Mother’s Day. That and Tetris are the only games I played on my Switch Lite.

Honestly, I haven’t played New Horizons in months and I thought it was funny when my character came out today with messy hair! I know my house has roaches I have to stomp on! 🤣 Do you play New Horizons? Let’s be friends! (though you may hardly ever see me on there lol)

Here’s my FRIEND CODE: SW-5849-0636-2972 💕

One reason I haven’t been on my Switch is because my daughter found my old Animal Crossing Pocket Camp app – I started that when I was pregnant with her 4 years ago then stopped when I had my Switch. But now it’s easier for me to pick up my ipad (because I’m always reading on it) and playing Pocket Camp since the app is right in front of me.

I usually play it after dinner and playing with our dog…it’s SO relaxing. I started playing it again because my daughter plays it too on her ipad and she wanted me to send her “gifts” so she could get fortune cookies. 😅 I’ve been on it daily lately – so if you wanna be friends, find me, my name is AtlasMom (our dog’s name is Atlas)! I’m always sending out gifts. 😄

The other game my son coerced me into playing is My Singing Monsters. It was a game I started right after my daughter was born and you know newborn life is “team no sleep” life…so in between feedings, changings, cleaning, I was either playing games or reading. Those days were rough! My son wanted this app and I thought it was cute, he was 5 years old at the time so I played it and then eventually I stopped and he took over my account. Anyway he is SO far ahead in the game and has so many monsters. He begged me to start another account lately so I could send him “keys”, join his “tribe” and light his torches. Of course my daughter who is 4, wanted the game also so yes…my username on there is Momster. Fitting right? Do you play My Singing Monsters?

Invite me! Here’s my FRIEND CODE: 98368921KH

On occasion my son asks me to play Mario Party with him and I’ll ask him to do Just Dance with me so I can get some cardio in haha. I helped him finish a few games when he first got the Switch and wasn’t very good at gaming but now, he teaches me things! I also used to be obsessed with Splatoon 2 for awhile. I will say gaming helped me get through my daughter’s newborn to 1 year old stage. I could escape a little (because you can’t really escape being a mom lol) and it really helped.

My Switch Lite now is slowly morphing into my being daughter’s switch lite – she takes it and plays Miitopia on it! She can’t even really read yet. And she only plays that game because her brother plays it…she is definitely a gamer girl in the making.

Another part of my gaming life is helping my son with his youtube channel My son has said he wanted to be a youtuber since he was 4 years old – he still insists he will be a youtuber so I finally allowed him to start his own youtube channel called Eligamer808 – yes I’m totally promoting it for him so please, go give it some views! 😆

So I wanted him to learn about being a content creator and how it’s not super easy just starting a channel and becoming successful. He has been making videos, long ones are Miitopia gameplay videos – he speaks in it just as if he’s streaming, editing though…that’s still me and I do the minimal cutting at the beginning and end because I have no time, usually my daughter wants my attention at the same time.

He is learning editing is a process and one he doesn’t have much patience for yet. 🤦🏻‍♀️ He’s turning 9 years old soon…so yeah…he’s learning patience lol.

The shorter videos are My Singing Monsters or Roblox videos which he has been learning to edit on his iMovie app. And hello, I’m not a pro at this either so I’m learning alongside him. It’s definitely a bonding moment, lots of teaching moments, lots of patience building…and many frustrated moments but I like that he’s getting an idea of how creating content is work!

I did ask him what he felt about having his own channel so far – he said at times he feels like he has no good ideas for the next video and I said yes, that happens a lot as a content creator or just as a creative (me…always wanting to create). But he said he loves having a channel because he feels proud when he gets a new subscriber and I had an “awwwww” kind of moment. I’m excited to see how his channel evolves over time.

Of course now his sister wants her own channel! 🤦🏻‍♀️😅

Anyway, that’s it for now – thanks for reading and getting to know a little bit of my life, outside of books. 💕~Yolanda

  One thought on “Mom of Gamers | Outside of Books | 6/28/21

  1. Joanna @ TheGeekishBrunette
    June 28, 2021 at 2:12 am

    That’s awesome you have a house of gamers! My husband plays World of Warcraft with me as well as my brother. My daughter just got into roblox and pretends to have a youtube channel while she plays lol. It’s cute. It’s cool that your son has his own channel!

    Liked by 1 person

    • June 28, 2021 at 2:47 pm

      My husband plays a bunch of games on his PC but not sure currently what he’s been playing. My daughter just started playing Roblox and I’m just so amazed how fast they pick it up. I get dizzy trying to play it 🤣. She also “plays” Minecraft but mostly because she loves the animals in it and she makes pink houses apparently lol. The youtube channel is definitely teaching my son a few things…so we shall see how long he sticks to it. It’s always fun when you have a bunch of people you know playing with you – that’s fun that you, your hubby and brother play!

      Liked by 1 person

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