Favourite Black Characters | #SixforSunday | 10/10/21

#SixforSunday is… it’s really just that. You choose 6 books (normally) that you’d choose to fit whatever the prompt is that week. This meme is hosted by A Little but a Lot and you can follow the link to find the prompts for October to December.

This week’s topic:

Favourite Black Characters

Here are some of my favorite black characters:

The Mixtape by. Brittainy Cherry – Emery is super nice and sweet but she’s been through a lot. I admired her strength even when things were a struggling and it felt like she wasn’t going to figure things out. She has a heart of gold.

Kate in Waiting by. Becky Albertalli – I love Andy, who is Kate’s best friend. He’s bold and funny and I loved his friendship with Kate even when they were having challenges.

You Should See Me in a Crown bby. Leah Johnson – Liz is an awesome character. She’s smart and queer and running for prom court so she can get a money to go to college. Her story is empowering!

Within These Wicked Walls by. Lauren Blackwood – Andromeda is an exorcist, I mean…how crazy and cool is that? She’s is fearless in this book even when things get crazy eerie and downright freaky. I love her strength.

Wings of Ebony by. J. Elle – Rue is raw, brave and unapologetic and she does whatever she can to protect her sister. I love her fierceness.

Color Me In by. Natasha Diaz – Nevaeh Levitz is half Black and half Jewish, but she’s white passing. So we get her perspective of being white passing in a black neighborhood like Harlem and how she straddles both of her cultures in the midst of the Black Lives Matter movement. Her story of struggle with her identity is relatable and real.

Here is the schedule for October and go to A Little but a lot for more info!

October – Celebrating diverse voices (Black History Month UK)

3 – favourite books by Black authors
10 – favourite Black characters
17 – stories which celebrate Black voices
24 – books by Black authors I want to read
31 – Recommended reads by Black authors

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