Weekly Wrap Up | 1/30/22

Aloha friends!

Well I tested negative for Covid last Sunday and then my son’s school texts me Monday morning telling me he was exposed to a classmate with Covid last Thursday. What a coincidence I thought I had symptoms the weekend my son was exposed (not that we knew that information until later). But I’m good, my son is vaxxed and tested negative with a home test. My family (mom, sister, nephew, dad) are all recovered…well, except my dad who still has a lingering cough. So now I have to get my head back into gear (figuring out Covid exposure and rules had me scrambling around appointments I had this week 🤦🏻‍♀️).

How was your week? Hope all of you are staying safe!

Blog Posts This Week:

Books I Read:

Currently Reading:

Blog Hopping – Check Out These Posts:

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Shows/Movies I’ve Watched:

  • NFL (football) – more football, since it’s coming to an end soon.
  • Encanto – yup, we watched it a few times this week again and the soundtrack is on repeat!
  • Euphoria, ep. 2- it’s so edgy and violent but so good and complicated. I hate Nate’s dad so much. And I totally related to the girls wanting something dark in their relationships and how sweet was too boring lol – that was me at that age. 🤦🏻‍♀️
  • Cheer (season 2 – Netflix) – did I really need to binge this one? I don’t know but I couldn’t stop. It was interesting to see how the cheerleaders dealt with celebrity after season one. There were so many sad parts and some major dramas. They did add more to the TVCC vs. Navarro storyline but honestly, when I was nearing the end, I was kind of skipping the parts about TVCC. I was there to watch the Navarro cheerleaders.
  • Janet Jackson. (lifetime) – I love Janet Jackson, she was my role model when I was a kid in the 80’s and I continued to love her in my teen years. I saw her twice in concert here in Hawaii. I can’t even believe I also saw Michael Jackson here in Hawaii when he came in the 90’s! What a time to be alive. But she always said she had love for Hawaii and would come here when other big names wouldn’t and so me and my friends loved her even more for it.

Games I’ve Played:

  • Animal Crossing – Happy Homes Paradise DLC
  • My Singing Monsters
  • Pet Sim X – Roblox – just because my daughter wants the new pets! 😅
  • Just Dance 2022 – I haven’t worked out for 2 weeks and my blood pressure shows. Getting back on my cardio grind.
  • Ring Fit – the ring really works my arms, that’s how weak I am and to thing once upon a time I was a massage therapist making grown men wince and want to cry lol. I have noodle arms now.

How was your week? Did you get a lot done? Watch anything good? Read any amazing books or books you didn’t finish? What are you reading?…Leave me a comment below!

💖 ~ Yolanda

10 thoughts on “Weekly Wrap Up | 1/30/22

  1. Oof, sounds like a bit of a stressful week! Glad to hear you and your son tested negative and the other family members are recovered/recovering! I was just thinking about rewatching Encanto the other day. I started watching Schitt’s Creek this weekend and binged the first season way too quickly 😂 I hope you have a good week ahead, Yolanda. Thanks for sharing my post!

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    1. Thanks so much, yeah January turned out to be an anxiety-ridden month for me. I felt like I couldn’t get into fantasy books, only contemporary romances! I heard Schitt’s Creek is awesome and will definitely watch it when I need to binge something. It’s so bad when I binge, I lose sleep lol…but sometimes it can’t be helped! I hope you have a good week also!


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