Heartstopper on Netflix

I just finished watching Heartstopper on Netflix and it was so sweet and sensitive and it made me tear up in so many parts.

I never read the books, so I can’t say how they compare at all but the whole cast of Heartstopper did such a good job in their roles. The music is great and the aesthetic seems to fit what I’ve seen of the book covers of the Heartstopper series – the colors and such. Even the characters look like the ones from the book which is amazing, at least Charlie and Nick does since the cover is all I’ve seen. It’s a series you easily binge quickly since each episode is about 30 minutes long.

Charlie is so earnest and hopeful even when he gets hurt constantly by boys he likes and just the kids at school. He is so brave being out. I love his tenacity to keep being himself, no matter what awkward and hard situations he is put into. Nick on the other hand is trying to figure out how he feels and I love watching his journey and his struggle. He’s a new kid, but a popular one right away because he’s a star on the rugby team but seeing him fall for Charlie and want to care and protect him was just the sweetest thing ever.

I love the friendships and all the diversity we get in the cast and characters. Tao is fantastic! Elle and Tao are the cutest best friends – love them. This is really one you shouldn’t miss. It gave me all the squishy, giggly, lovey-dovey, squealing feels when I was watching this. It is so wholesome. ❤️ I kept saying aloud, “Why are they so cute?!!!!!!” 😅 I wanted to squish them all into a big bear hug. I was feeling like a protective mom over all of them (except the bully).

Here is the trailer if you haven’t seen it yet:

Anyway watch it and fall in love with this whole series like I did!🥰

6 thoughts on “Heartstopper on Netflix

  1. I loved the graphic novels and had such high hopes for the adaptation and it’s just like everyone says: it’s one of the best and most faithful adaptations that I’ve seen. It captures the characters and their emotions and experiences so freaking well. I didn’t think I could love this series more but I was wrong! 😂 It’s SO GOOD!

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  2. One of the few good things to come out of Netflix. So wholesome and sweet and a true representation of what it means to be teenager dealing with your sexuality in high school. I just can’t with all the feels 💕💕💕

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