5..4..3..2..1 Book Tag | 9/8/22

Hi everyone! I saw this tag on DiniPandaReads and thought it was a fun and simple one to do. So let’s try it out:

5 Books You Love

I’m choosing from the books I read this year since there are way too many books I love:

4 Auto Buy Authors

Auto-read, auto-buy, these are some of my favorites!

3 Fave Genres

My favorite genres are Romance, Young Adult (mostly everything), Fantasy

2 Places You Read

  • on the family room couch – which isn’t exactly the coziest, but it’s in my favorite room
  • in bed before sleeping

1 Book You Promise to Read Soon

Soon…I promise! I’m on chapter two but put it aside to finish arcs and need to get back to it. 😅

This was such an easy tag to do! I tag everyone who wants to do it. Thanks for reading!

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