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Hi friends! I saw this book tag on Riddhi’s blog Whispering Stories and thought it was a fun one to do. Fun and easy, I should say, because I like easy book tags lol. So let’s try it out!

What is the longest amount of time you can comfortably go without picking up a book?

I would say I can go a week without picking up a book especially if I’m exhausted and life is just BUSY. Sometimes a break from reading is a good thing.

How many books do you carry on your person (or kindle) at any one time?

I don’t carry any unless I’m going to an appointment where I know I’ll be waiting for awhile, like my kids dental appointments. Then I just carry one book. I just took my son to the dentist and this is the book I brought:

I’m not feelin’ it – I think this is going to be a DNF.😕

Do you keep every book you buy/receive or are you happy to pass them on to make space for more?

I used to but now I’m not so attached to my books as I used to be when I was younger. So I will donate them just so I know someone else can enjoy the books instead of them sitting on my shelf collecting dust. I will keep my favorite books though.

How long would you spend in a bookshop on a standard visit?

When I was younger? For hours. But now? I’m in and out – because usually my kids want to get whatever book they want and then go home lol.

How much time per day do you actually spend reading?

About 1-2 hours, but if it’s good and I can’t put it down then 4-5 hours.

Where does the task ‘picking up a book’ appear on your daily to-do list?

It appears LAST. Because I like to read in before bed.

Approximately how often do you bring up books in conversation?

Not a lot because I actually don’t know many readers. If I do bring it up it’s only to the one or two people that I know who love to read like I do. Does telling my son about it count? Sometimes I tell him what I’m ready if it’s a fantasy young adult that I think he would be interested in.

What is the biggest book (page count) you have finished reading?

I thought it would be Priory of the Orange by Samantha Shannon but nope I’m wrong, of course it’s a Sarah J. Maas book to take the crown.

Is there a book you had to get your hands on against all odds (i.e searching bookshops, online digging, etc.)?

I haven’t – most things I can just find right away online.

A book you struggled to finish but refused to DNF?

I might have to chalk this up to being not in the mood. I wonder if I read it around December if I’d have liked it more? But I read it as an arc and wanted to finish in time. So I wasn’t in the Christmas mood at all.

What are 3 of your main book goals for 2022?

I’m pretty sure I stated my goals at the beginning of the year so reflecting back, here were the 3 I had:

  • cut down on NetGalley requests – I think I did really good on this!
  • book buying ban – I didn’t totally ban book buying but I barely bought any new releases. Anything I did buy was heavily discounted!
  • be brave enough to DNF books – I’m WAY better at it, but I could still find the nerve to do it more often lol

Have you ever had the privilege of converting someone into a reader (maybe via inspiration or incessant nagging)?

I like to think I made my best friend into a reader lol! And I do know I kind of influenced my older sister to start reading again.

Describe what books mean to you in five words.

Sanity. Escapism. Self-Care. Quiet. Adventure.

And that’s the tag! Feel free to try this book tag out and thanks for reading!


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