Halloween Costume Ideas From Book Covers  | TTT | 10/25/22

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This week’s topic is: *freebie*

Halloween Costume Ideas From Book Covers

Since this week’s topic is a Halloween Freebie and I’ve done a bunch of them this month, let’s check out book covers that would make a good idea for a Halloween costume!

  • Belladonna – I can definitely see a costume with a pretty purple dress, and purple flowers in your hair, maybe some floral paint designs on the face and neck.
  • The Empress of Time – um yes to being a Death Goddess, or Reaper, which is what Ren was before being a Death Goddess. To be the Reaper, you’d need to have a clock on you.
  • House of Hunger – this is definitely a look if you are going for hot vampire victim lol
  • Heartstopper – this would make an easy and cute costume, especially because it’s on Netflix. But a private school uniform and the bags would be such a cute costume.
  • Daughter of Smoke & Bone – you’d need to get blue hair to be Karou!
  • For the Wolf – this would be easy and iconic because of the red cloak.
  • Fevered Star – can you imagine if you had a headdress like that as part of your costume? A star you would be!
  • Lore – one time I did a Medusa look for Halloween when I was working at a college library. I had small fake rubber snakes in my hair LOL. I’ve always wanted to do a full on Medusa costume.
  • House of Hollow – I don’t know about the bugs on her face, but I can go with the flowers and maybe drips of blood to make it look horror. Minus the blood then you can just be a gorgeous flower girl.
  • Devil in Disguise – honestly this is the costume I do want to wear somewhere…like at a Halloween ball or something. I want to be something out of the Bridgerton series on Netflix! lol…maybe the Queen.

Do you dress up for Halloween? And if so, what are you going to be this year?


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