Weekly Wrap Up | 10/30/22

Aloha friends!

Well the week started off good! We went to a Halloween party my cousin was throwing at her condo – or the area behind her condo. My kids had some fun time with their cousins and ran all over the place. My cousin bought like all the Halloween games and kid activities from Target! We had a blast.

But then my daughter’s cold…came back. Day after the party she was congested and had a runny nose and then her cough came back. And then her brother got her cold two days after her. So it’s been lots of sneezing, runny nose and coughing again in my house. I’ve actually been lucky to not catch it myself even though my daughter coughs in my face all the time!

So will we actually be going on our East Coast trip in 2 weeks or is she going to have another cold? Seems like she has a cold every two weeks and my son gets it once a month. πŸ™ I will say she did better this time around and got better quicker? So I hope her immune system is getting stronger because it’s being bombarded with germs.

In other news my grandma, who lives in the Philippines turned 100 years old! My mom (it’s her mom) and dad left for the PI 2 weeks ago and will be there for another week. They planned a surprise birthday bash for it, which is exciting for all of them. I wish we could’ve gone but I did manage to facetime to wish her a happy birthday and she got to see my kids – even though the connection was bad.

I hope all of you had a good week and a wonderful week ahead of you! Happy Halloween to those who celebrated! πŸŽƒ

Blog Posts:

So I fell into a reading slump for a few days – I think it was because my kids were sick again and I just felt tired. Anyway I did manage to finish two books at the end of the week. But I feel like my reading is slowing down as the busiest time of the year approaches.

Books I Read:

Currently Reading:

Shows/Movies I Watched:

  • House of Dragons (HboMax) – looking forward to next season!
  • World Series Major League Baseball – because the Phillies are in it and my hubby is from Philadelphia so we have to support them, even though we never watch baseball πŸ˜…

How was your week? Did you get a lot done? Watch anything good? Read any amazing books or books you didn’t finish? What are you reading?…Leave me a comment below!


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