Monthly Wrap-Up | November 2019

Hi everyone, so yes I almost forgot about my monthly wrap-up post! I read much more than what reviews got posted in November. I decided to post later publication titles closer to when they will be released because when I post them right away, I think they get forgotten.

Thanksgiving weekend was wild! I had lots of fun and took a break from reading really – I had a weekend filled with socializing and lots of food. So I need to get back in gear, stop eating desserts, and get some exercise in. I can’t believe Christmas and Hanukkah (because we celebrate both) will be here in about twenty days! Then it’s the New Year and my daughter turns 3! Where does time go? Really…

Anyway here is what I reviewed in November!

If you want to check out the reviews for these books please check out my archives or do a search.

How did you do in November?

Monthly Wrap-Up | October 2019

Happy Halloween everyone! What a month it has been and here we are at the end of it. That means there are 2 more months of 2019 left…WOW.

Tonight we are going to dress and go trick-or-treating. My daughter will be Princess Aurora, I’ll be a fairy but not one of the Sleeping Beauty ones haha, my son is going to be an Angler Fish and my hubby doesn’t have a costume. After trick-or-treating we will pass out candy and then call it a night. I hope all of you have an amazing night.

I read a bunch of arcs, borrowed books and owned books. But there are the books I posted reviews for in the month of October:

I read a bunch of dark stories which was cool but I didn’t get through some of my library books, which is a bummer. So many books left unread lol…oh well, so many books, so little time! I hope I have some time in November to catch up. I did read a bunch of NetGalley eARCS but they will be posted nearer to their publication date. Here’s a list of those arcs:

And that’s been my October! How was yours?

Also yesterday, I got a notification I finally hit 200 followers! I absolutely appreciate all of you for following my little blog. If you have instagram I’m doing a few birthday giveaways on there that end on 11/03, so definitely try and enter them!

Happy Reading everyone and Happy Halloween!

Monthly Wrap-Up | September 2019

Hello October!

If I thought August was busy well…September was mostly about me trying to get my household over sinus issues, colds, and ear infections. Yay…not really. 😫 I managed to read a few books while my kiddos were under the weather. And it’s been HUMID, ewww, yuck, I want cooler weather and look at that, today I get that wish and now I’m dealing with more sinus issues and even vertigo. Enough of that depressing stuff, what did I read this month?

And that’s all I got. I read some really good books in September, so I’m really happy about that. If you want to check out my reviews for these books just check out my archive. Hope you had a good reading month and let’s have a great October.πŸŽƒ

Monthly Wrap-Up | August 2019

August is over? What?! Where did the time go? I spent a lot of August at the beach folks and in the heat but it was nice because we were visiting with family. My kids had a lot of fun hanging out at the beach or pool – so much that my son already has two absences this month for school. He had so much fun he got a runny nose and sore throat. 😩 And he just started school…oops! πŸ‘€

But I am seriously ready for cooler weather and all things fall. We don’t get fall weather in Hawaii so I love all the fall decorations in the store, pumpkin bread in the stores and gearing up for Halloween. I love the holidays. 😍

So let’s get to it! Here’s what I read in August:

I read some awesome books! I do say 2019 have been really good with releases. πŸ’ƒπŸ» If you want to see the reviews for these books, just type the title in the search box or check out my archives menu. I promise I will update my book reviews list sometime this week.

What did you read in August? Leave your link below in the comments!

Let’s move on to September shall we? ☺️