Book Haul | 6/17/22

Okay, looks like June has been the month I broke my book buying ban. Hey I lasted pretty long I think! πŸ˜… I also went to the library for the first time in months and I got 4 books today! Let’s see what I got in my latest book haul.



KINDLE E-Books::



I hope I have enough time to read all of these, especially the borrowed library books.

What did you get in your latest book haul?

~ Yolanda

Book Haul | 6/10/22

I haven’t done a book haul in awhile but I’ve been getting a few books on my online library so I’m excited about that! I did finally break my book buying band and put in an order at Book Outlet – I had to do retail therapy after covid ruined my East Coast vacation. I’m still sad about and sad my kids are sad about it….trying to figure out if we can do a staycation here at Disney Aulani – but why is one night $800?! UGH. I have to stop buying books again. πŸ˜… Anyway – here is my book haul so far!


KINDLE E-Books::



I haven’t been doing good reading my kindle unlimited books! I’m always putting it aside to read later and being bombarded with NetGalley or my Overdrive online library selections. What did you get in your latest book haul?

~ Yolanda

Book Haul | 3/25/22

So I still didn’t break my book buying ban on physical books, but I am sooooo tempted. 😩 But I can’t, I have a big trip coming up in June. I did buy 2 ebooks recently but they were on sale and I only spent less than $10 to get them. I got a bunch of books I’ve been dying to read from the library though so that’s exciting. Let’s see what I got so far!


KINDLE E-Books::



What did you get in your latest book haul?

~ Yolanda

Book Haul | 3/12/22

I am still on a physical book buying ban lol…it’s been good for my wallet at least! Anything I’m buying are ebooks and usually ones that are on sale. So most books I’m reading lately are from NetGalley or Kindle Unlimited. This is my haul for March:



So for these Kindle Unlimited titles – we shall see if I actually get to read them on time. These are more of mood read books and sometimes I’m in the mood and times I’m not. It’s just up in the air and I don’t feel any pressure to finish them like I do my NetGalley books.

I’ve been reading slow this year! It’s okay though. I wish I could buy some new releases but I have a family trip coming up in June that I have to save money for. So hopefully I can get these new releases at the library!

~ Yolanda

My NetGalley TBR List | 11/18/21

Alright – if you are like me, your NetGalley list shortens and grows again because of course…you always need some books to read! So I got my TBR list down to five books…but here I am again, with a bunch of titles for 2022. Let’s take a look at what’s on my list:

So I am trying to request more contemporary romance books because I know I always tend to overdo it with fantasy books, dark fantasy books. I guess that’s my goal for 2022, more fun and more love in the stories I read. I love my dark reads, but I need more laughs! And look at these cute, vibrant covers – already I’m excited to read them – hopefully they are good!

What are you excited to read on your NetGalley list?

~ Yolanda

My NetGalley TBR List | 8/19/21

Ah yes…the NetGalley “Give FeedBack” list…or my NetGalley TBR list as I like to think of it. So this is what I’m working through right now…

It’s a shorter list than usual but with less time to read, I feel like it’s taking me forever to get through. Also I have other book I’m reading so I have to divide my time. What are you reading from your NetGalley or Edelweiss list right now? I have no luck on Edelweiss so I gave up on that lol. Anyway, drop me a comment!

~ Yolanda

The Queen Will Betray You by. Sarah Henning | ARC Review

My Rating: 3/5 Stars

Title: The Queen Will Betray You

Author: Sarah Henning

Format: eBook (NetGalley)

Pages: 352

Publication Date: 7/6/21

Publisher: Tor Teen

Categories: Young Adult, Fantasy, Romance, Political Intrigue

Disclaimer: **I received this book free from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.  All thoughts and opinions are my own.**

Thank you to Tor Teen for giving me a chance to read this eARC.

The breathtaking sequel to The Princess Will Save You in the Kingdoms of Sand and Sky duology β€” a brilliantly-executed YA fantasy homage to The Princess Bride

To stay together forever, Princess Amarande and her stableboy love, Luca, must part: Amarande to reclaim her kingdom from usurpers, and Luca to raise a rebellion and find his destiny. Arrayed against them are all the players in the game of thrones for control over the continent of The Sand and Sky. Facing unspeakable betrayals, enemies hidden in the shadows, and insurmountable odds, their only hope is the power of true love…

In this sequel to The Princess Will Save You, the political chess continues! Ama and Luca are separated throughout most of this story but they reunite near the end. Amarande has really uncovered a lot of secrets about her family, some good and some bad. Luca also learns more about his past. They achieve what they planned to do and maintain their sweet love for one another throughout because it’s true love! The Princess Bride fans will know what that refers to!

Now the person I thought was the most intriguing in this story, which surprised even me because he’s a villain, is Prince Taillefer. He did some vile things to Luca and obviously he’s in it for his own gains but he had no qualms playing the long game to get his kingdom even if it was against his own mother. That whole family was pretty toxic but as a character, he was the most fascinating.

There is a lot of action in this sequel, especially towards the end and that was fun to read.

Triggers: violence, death

The Warlord in this sequel is brutal and quite unexpected because for the most part it reads like a light young adult fantasy novel (to me at least). I welcomed the brutality from the Warlord just to lend the story some intensity but yeah, it definitely showed the depths the Warlord was willing to go to show her power.

Speaking of warlord, there are a lot of villains and political intrigue in this story. I thought it definitely kept the story moving as we uncover betrayals and personal motivations from the players in this fight for kingdoms. Not even blood ties can keep you safe, like in the case of Prince Taillefer and his family. Who can really be trusted? Even Ama and her own mother had history to deal with.

Ama and Luca get their true love moment and even Prince Traillefer gets his way in the end . It leaves everything fair and square and the bigger villains vanquished. I think as a duology it was fairly enjoyable, with some parts that resembled The Princess Bride. I found the villains fascinating and the love story sweet. Overall, if you like political intrigue and a dash of true love – you may enjoy this one.

πŸ“š ~ Yolanda

Small Favors by. Erin A. Craig | ARC Review

My Rating: 3.5/5 Stars

Title: Small Favors

Author: Erin A. Craig

Format: eBook (NetGalley)

Pages: 480

Publication Date: 7/21/21

Publisher: Delacorte Press

Categories: Mystery, Suspense, Thriller, Romance, Paranormal, Lite Horror, Historical Fantasy

Ellerie Downing lives in the quiet town of Amity Falls in the Blackspire Mountain range–five narrow peaks stretching into the sky like a grasping hand, bordered by a nearly impenetrable forest from which the early townsfolk fought off the devils in the woods. To this day, visitors are few and rare. But when a supply party goes missing, some worry that the monsters that once stalked the region have returned.

As fall turns to winter, more strange activities plague the town. They point to a tribe of devilish and mystical creatures who promise to fulfill the residents’ deepest desires, however grand and impossible, for just a small favor. But their true intentions are much more sinister, and Ellerie finds herself in a race against time before all of Amity Falls, her family, and the boy she loves go up in flames.

  • This book cover is so absolutely beautiful and oh so deceptive! I like that about it.
  • World Building ~ This author knows how to write books that are tinged with creepiness and loaded with suspicion. I suspected everyone, I couldn’t trust anyone – not even our main character, Ellerie! The story had me hooked with the setting, the tone, the silver eyes in the woods and I just imagined if I lived there, I’d die right away. Haha…of fear! The story is set in a historical atmosphere, during the time of settlers in America. People settled in a valley surrounded by pine trees and wilderness, they farm for their livelihood and live far from the city. They ride horses and make their own clothes, so you can imagine the kind of life they live.
  • Characters ~ Ellerie and her twin Sam are the eldest of four children but certain events come to pass in their village of Amity Falls and they are left without parents. It’s a hard life in Amity Falls but a good one. The neighbors are friendly and help each other out until mysterious deaths and incidents take place around the village. Then we see everyone get suspicious of one another and their tight community start to unwind. We meet a lot of characters in this book, but Ellerie is our main storyteller.
  • Plot ~ Ellerie and the townspeople need to survive the winter without a ration run because of the creatures in the woods. But they start turning on one another. What are these fast creatures with silver eyes in the woods? For most of the books I guessed they were werewolves, because what else could they be? But it was something else preying on the people of Amity Falls. It’s a mystery.
  • Triggers: Violence, blood
  • I was impatient with the lack of information we got about the creatures by the middle of the story but most of our information about the creatures in the woods come at the latter part of the book. The story builds slowly and then really picks up as the situation in Amity Falls gets worse but the ending feels a little bit rushed, like that’s it ~ the problem is neatly solved.
  • Creep factor ~ there is blood, gore, deformities, eyes play tricks on people, and what every horror novel needs, a doll.
  • There is a romance but one that left me suspicious of Ellerie’s love interest, Whitaker. So I wasn’t too invested because there were too many red flags.

Overall, I was on the edge reading this book as the mystery surrounded me like the wilderness and pines in Amity Falls. I love the beautiful writing, the atmospheric setting, the creepiness that edges into the story as tempers flare and blood flows in Amity Falls and everything seems…wrong. The ending was a little abrupt for me but this one is perfect for mystery, paranormal and suspense lovers.

🐝 ~ Yolanda

14 Ways to Die | ARC Review

My Rating: 3/5 Stars

Title: 14 Ways to Die

Author: Vincent Ralph

Format: eBook (NetGalley)

Pages: 384

Publication Date: 6/1/21

Publisher: Sourcebooks Fire

Categories: Murder Mystery, Social Media, Young Adult, Contemporary

Disclaimer: **I received this book free from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.Β  All thoughts and opinions are my own.**

A page-turning thriller for the social media age, perfect for fans ofΒ A Good Girl’s Guide to Murder andΒ One of Us Is Lying.

Ten years ago Jess lost her mother to the Magpie Man, an infamous serial killer who is still at large and planning to kill again. She’s going to use her new platform as the star of a YouTube reality series to catch him. That is, if he doesn’t catch her first.

Jess’s online show means that everyone is talking about her mother’s murder case. But fame comes with its downsides. The whole world is watching her every move. And it’s hard to know who she can trust.

Could the Magpie Man be lurking closer to her than she thought? Is he watching her right now?

  • I like the concept of using social media to find a serial killer by drawing them out. It’s also a scary idea but Jess was committed to finding her mother’s killer.
  • The story moved very quickly because the chapters were short and to the point.
  • It was difficult to pinpoint who was the Magpie Man so the author did a great job of hiding him from me, the reader. I had a few suspects in mind but I was wrong.
  • There were some parts that was thrilling and made me wonder if I would do what Jess is doing. My answer: NO. I’d be too afraid to go running out into the night to see who was out there creeping around my house.
  • Triggers: suicide ideation, murder scenes, grief
  • I like short chapters but at one point it made the story too choppy for me, it took me out of the story at times.
  • I didn’t connect much to the story maybe because we are in Jess’s head a lot and I wanted more clues about the killer. Honestly, when the killer was revealed, it felt anticlimactic.

The concept of luring a serial killer with a social media reality show is fascinating. For the most part I was engaged with the story and wanting to find out who was the killer but the big reveal fell short for me. I still think people who enjoy young adult murder mysteries will enjoy this one though.

πŸ“š ~ Yolanda

The Soulmate Equation | ARC Review

My Rating: 5/5 Stars

Title: The Soulmate Equation

Author: Christina Lauren

Format: eBook (NetGalley)

Pages: 368

Publication Date: 5/18/21

Publisher: Gallery Books

Categories: Contemporary Romance, Women’s Fiction, Single Mom

Disclaimer: **I received this book free from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.Β  All thoughts and opinions are my own.**

Single mom Jess Davis is a data and statistics wizard, but no amount of number crunching can convince her to step back into the dating world. Raised by her grandparents–who now help raise her seven-year-old daughter, Juno–Jess has been left behind too often to feel comfortable letting anyone in. After all, her father’s never been around, her hard-partying mother disappeared when she was six, and her ex decided he wasn’t “father material” before Juno was even born. Jess holds her loved ones close, but working constantly to stay afloat is hard…and lonely.

But then Jess hears about GeneticAlly, a buzzy new DNA-based matchmaking company that’s predicted to change dating forever. Finding a soulmate through DNA? The reliability of numbers: This Jess understands. At least she thought she did, until her test shows an unheard-of 98% compatibility with another subject in the database: GeneticAlly’s founder, Dr. River Pena. This is one number she can’t wrap her head around, because she already knows Dr. Pena. The stuck-up, stubborn man is without a doubt not her soulmate. But GeneticAlly has a proposition: Get to know him and we’ll pay you. Jess–who is barely making ends meet–is in no position to turn it down, despite her skepticism about the project and her dislike for River. As the pair are dragged from one event to the next as the “Diamond” pairing that could make GeneticAlly a mint in stock prices, Jess begins to realize that there might be more to the scientist–and the science behind a soulmate–than she thought.

Funny, warm, and full of heart,Β The Soulmate EquationΒ proves that the delicate balance between fate and choice can never be calculated.

  • Jess is a single parent of a 7 year old girl, Juno. I totally related to Jess as a mom being frazzled and just trying to get through the day. I’m not a single mom, but there are times when I feel like one haha, so I admired how Jess did what she had to do to keep them afloat with the help of her grandparents and best friend.
  • Jess’s best friend Fizzy is the BEST ever. 😍 I love how she’s a romance author. Fizzy is funny, adventurous, says what she wants to say, does what she wants to do and she and Jess have the best relationship. The two of them together made me laugh so much! Their dialogue was perfect.
  • The importance of family comes through in this one, not only because Jess is a mom, but her own mother gave her up, and was out of her life for a very long time. Jess was raised by her grandparents and they are the sweetest. I love their little family.
  • What is it about the geeky guy turning handsome/hot/successful that I love? Revenge of the nerds much? I love how River is this gorgeous guy, very much into his work…but he used to be the unpopular geeky kid in high school. Awww!
  • The romance is so good! The chemistry is palpable. I love how they meet, how they get together, how they grow as a couple and try to figure out their feelings. This story made me feel good and happy. 😍
  • I found the matchmaking app using DNA very interesting. Some of the science and statistics went over my head but it was still very fascinating.
  • Jess’s mom is a recovering addict or she’s supposed to be. She shows up in Jess’s life to ask for money and I feel for Jess but like River says, she definitely takes charge when she has to and is decisive.
I thoroughly and happily love The Soulmate Equation. I was invested with Jess and River’s love story and their chemistry is off the charts. I love how they could talk science and statistics and understand one another even when I didn’t understand them. I laughed a lot because Jess’s best friend is fantastic and for me that was the other love story in this book, the love in friendship. This is that kind of book where I wanted to find out what happens after the ending because I fell in love with this little family. This story is heartfelt, fun, smart, and I wish it never had to end.

🧬 ~ Yolanda