Unboxing | LitJoy Crate | September Box 2019

Hello fellow book lovers and bloggers, here we have another unboxing, but this time it’s for the LitJoy Crate September box. Let’s see what goodies were inside my box!

My daughter calls my book boxes the “treasure box”. She loves unboxing it with me and yes she plays with the box and shredded paper in it afterwards. 🤷🏻‍♀️ But look at this box! The theme is called Haunted Manor and I’m loving the purple color scheme. Very Halloween, don’t you think? I know most people do the orange and black for Halloween but I love the purple decorations too!

I love when my box has wearable items like these scrunches! Super cute!

This scarf is my favorite item in the box – look at that ombre purple color and the print! It celebrates the 50th anniversary of Disney’s Haunted Mansion ride! I’m definitely keeping this one for myself, even though it’s blazing hot in Hawaii during Halloween. 😂 Maybe one day when I make my way over to Disneyland for October I can wear it there!

Here we have the smaller items in the box: a ghostbusters patch, a Nightmare Before Christmas bookmark with Zero on the back of it (@brianamoraart), two collector’s cards (artwork by Niru Sky @niru.sky) and the cutest page flag set of the Addam’s Family!

And last but not least is this gorgeous signed copy of A Treason of Thorns by Laura E. Weymouth. The card has a note from the author on the back and the inside jacket cover, like most LitJoy Crate book versions, is gorgeous. See below…

Gorgeous right? And I love these drawstring book bags LitJoy Crate puts their books in. This month it’s an aqua color but I think the first box I got from them it was blue like the LitJoy Crate box. Super useful and cute!

What do you think of this box? I thought it was a great box, and definitely love the scarf. I hope the book is good as well – review will be up for it as soon as I can get to it (life’s been crazy busy lately!). I look forward to next month’s box!


Unboxing | OwlCrate | September 2019 Box

I received by second OwlCrate box and I love it! The theme for September is called Fear the Night which is perfect since Halloween is around the corner. So let’s look at what I got!

So many goodies!

An excerpt of The Beautiful and this card with beautiful artwork.

Coffee in the flavor of Scare-Amel Corn from Bones Coffee! It smells so good, but I may be gifting this to some coffee lovers I know. I love coffee too – but usually the icy blended kine. 😂

Fingerless gloves, SO freaking cute! A jewelry dish that says “Beware for I am Fearless & Therefore Powerful” – Mary Shelley. And a pin!

A close up of the pin and it’s amazing details. Beautiful!

I had two books in the box, yes TWO! This is a paperback of The Haunting of Hill House by Shirley Jackson and it already looks scary. I mean, look at that cover…👀

And last but not least, this GORGEOUS signed copy of The Bone Houses, with a note from the author and this bookmark! This white cover is lovely but I kind of want a black copy to compare haha. I love the design of that skull so much. I can’t wait to read this book.

I think this was a pretty good box and I can gift a few things away, which is always convenient – I already have some of my Xmas shopping done because of these boxes haha. I am skipping next month’s OwlCrate because I’m not a big sci-fi fan, but I will be trying a new box hopefully.