MidnighTS Book Tag Pt. 2 (3am Edition)

Here is part 2 of the MidnighTS Book Tag and it’s the 3am edition – the extra songs that came out at 3am! I found it on Star is All Booked Up! Please check out the link to her blog to see the original book tag and prompts, there is a part 1 and part 2 if you want to try it out. Here is the 3am edition:

The Great War – Love that rises even above the hardest times

Kazi and Jase forever!

“I vowed I will always be yours” – Taylor Swift, The Great War

Bigger Than the Whole Sky – a book that deals with grief

This book made me cry!

“Did some force take you because I didn’t pray?” – Taylor Swift, Bigger Than the Whole Sky

**my other favorite song**

Paris – favorite escape

Paris is nice, but I’d love to be in Positano eating all the pasta and cheese and enjoying the sun and sea!

“I’m so in love that I might stop breathing” Taylor Swift, Paris

High Infidelity – love triangle

Such a love triangle between Belly, Conrad and Jeremiah!

“I didn’t know you were keeping count” – Taylor Swift, High Infidelity

Glitch – friends to lovers

A fun friends to lovers story!

” You don’t live in my part of town but maybe I’ll see you out some weekend” – Taylor Swift, Glitch

Would’ve, Could’ve, Should’ve – a book you wish had a different ending/DNFed

I enjoyed this book but damn…why the ending had to be so sad?! 😒

“I could’ve gone on as I was” – Taylor Swift, Would’ve, Could’ve, Should’ve

Dear Reader – a book that taught you something important

I love learning about mythologies from different cultures and this one tells us about the Mami Wata (mermaids) and West African mythology.

Bend when you can” – Taylor Swift, Dear Reader

My favorites from the 3am edition are:

  • Bigger Than the Whole Sky
  • Glitch
  • Dear Reader

So what did you think of the whole album? And feel free to do this tag and link back to the creator of the book tag!